Creating Etched Plaques for Each Milestone

Etched PlaquesIn life, we all have a number of milestones that we keep in our memories. These milestones include such events like celebrating your 18th birthday, graduating from highschool, graduating from college, getting married, and so on. While each milestone does live in a person’s heart and mind as a cherished memory, don’t you think that these should be immortalized via a medium that can also last a lifetime?

If you are thinking of making each milestone your child experiences into a lasting memory that they can either display in their home when they are all grown-up, or you can have in your own home, you might want to consider etched plaques. Etching is a unique marking method that actually allows you to create very detailed images and designs on metal, making these long lasting and sophisticated at the same time. Creating plaques for some of the important moments in a person’s life can be done to help keep these special events fresh in your mind for years.

How can you create such commemorative plaques for these special times in a person’s life? What should you do in order to make these as memorable and as special as possible? Should you make these every year of your child’s life or only during those very distinct moments that you want to remember?

You can actually make a plaque for every special event in a person’s life, but don’t do this every year since this will reduce the uniqueness of these mementos. Have one made to commemorate a child’s birth, and you can use their first baby picture as well as their first footprint to create such a keepsake. You can also have one made during their first day of school, which can have an etched image of the child entering their first class and the date of such an event.

Other commemorative events you can also have such plaques made out of include their first recitals, first awards, their wedding, and many more. If you do not want to create individual plaques for each special event, you can actually have one large commemorative plaque created with a collage of images of these special events in their life etched into a metal plate. You can have this made for when you want them to have a unique gift for either their wedding, when they move into their first home, and any other occasion you feel may warrant such a unique gift.  

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