Creating Custom Products Using Embossed Metal Plates

Embossed Metal PlatesDid you know that you can actually create custom corporate gifts and products with the use of embossed metal plates and generic items that you find online? You can simply order items that you see being sold without brands on them and customize these with the use of tags to make these your own. You can also choose to buy high-quality items from well-known brands and attach your own metal tag to these not to claim that you made these items, but to add your brand to it for the sole purpose of corporate gift giving.

This is a rather common practice among businesses that want to give their loyal customers and suppliers gifts that are not only high-quality, but also carry their company name on it to remind these individuals of who gave these to them. Since these items are useful and of a good quality, people who receive these gifts often end up using them. This helps a company with their drive to increase brand familiarity, as well as to cultivate loyalty among their customers and their suppliers.

What are the items that are usually customized with the use of these metal nameplates? Here are some of them:

Leather binders – these are great for carrying papers in, and are usually given out during special occasions like the holidays, during company anniversaries, and the like. You will find that the embossed metal plates attached to these are either on the front part of the binder, or is attached in the form of a decorative tag on a chain.

Desk organizer – these are those items that have divisions with a notepad, a container for paper clips and rubber bands, a pen and pencil holder, and even a business card holder. This can be made using a variety of materials that include wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic. The embossed plate that is used to carry a company’s brand on this particular gift can usually be found attached to the base of the item, or on the pen and pencil holder or cup.

Attache cases and satchel bags – these are usually made out of leather and are sometimes custom made to fit the specifications of the company that is handing this out. You will find the embossed tags attached to these can be found either on the front side, inside the case, or attached to it in the form of a tag on a chain. These are great for corporate gift giving during the holidays and when an employee hits a milestone in the company.

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