Common Mistakes Made When Customizing Promotional Plates

promotional plates

Sometimes metal plates have to be more than just an ornament or decoration. If you are targeting to improve your marketing strategy or boost your products sale, promotional plates are essential. Promotional plates, as the name implies, promote products and expand a company’s marketing effort. They are intended to speak to a target audience and influence them in finalizing a borderline decision when purchasing products.

Aside from marketing, they can also be used in a wide variety of ways like campaigns, labels and special occasion souvenirs. They are highly customizable and can be mounted on almost any item or product. They can be easily crafted to suit the purpose or requirement you need.  

While we are given a lot of guidelines about what we should do when customizing plates, it is also important that we know the things we should not do or avoid. Here are some examples of these common mistakes:

No product or item yet. Designing the label, which includes choice of text, graphic, size, shape and color, before you’ve chosen an item where it will be attached to is similar to buying a dress without even trying it on. You should first identify the dimension of the item or product it will be attached to. This ensures that the labels will fit on your item. Not only it will affect how it looks, it will also cost your company. Adjusting the size or shape is time consuming and costly because they need to be printed again.

Choosing the cheapest plate material. When customizing plates, you will have a variety of choices. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some may opt to choose the cheapest material right away. This is not always the most ideal option or best way to go. You need to consider not only the cost but how it will help your company in the long run. You should choose based on the purpose and conditions the plates will be exposed to. The right material will instantly transform how you present your product making your brand memorable.

Adhesive is not important. On the contrary, adhesive choice is essentially important. It will determine how long your plate will be attached to an item or product. An incorrect choice of adhesive will result to an ineffective marketing or branding. Available options for adhesives are permanent, removable and repositionable.

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