Common Features of Warning and Instructional Plates

BY Rowena Taylor

Warning and Instructional Plates

Not that many people know of warning and instructional plates, but those who do may be familiar with some of the more commonly seen features on these. These plates often come with, as stated in the name, warnings and instructions. What kind of warnings and instructions these carry often depend on where these are to be used, i.e. machinery, equipment, and places with dangerous chemicals, etc.

The level of danger that is present in the area where these plates are found can be easily discerned with the use of headers. These headers can only be used for specific levels of danger present in order to prevent any confusion as to how careful a person should be. Although these plates are used to help keep people safe, some people tend to discount and disregard the warnings on them when headers are not used.

The headers you will find on these plates include Danger, Warning, Caution and Notice. Those that do not warn about dangers may not have any headers on them, but instead have a list of instructions on what to do in order for a person to effectively operate whatever equipment or machinery this plate is on. In order for you to understand the level of danger that comes with these plates, here is what each header is supposed to indicate:

DANGER – when a warning and instructional plate has this header, you should be extra careful since this tells you that there is a high probability of serious injury and death where this plate is found. This header is often easy to distinguish due to the red, white, and black color, with the word DANGER written in white in a red circle (or oval) in a rectangular field that is black.

WARNING – plates that have a warning header often means that there is a good possibility that you will suffer from serious injuries, and possibly even death, if you do not take care when using the equipment or machinery this is on. These headers are in orange and black, with the WARNING word written in black in an orange diamond shaped field over a black rectangular field.

CAUTION – when you see this header on a warning plate, you should be careful since this means that a possibility of minor injuries is present and may happen if you do not follow the instructions for the proper usage of such machinery or equipment. This particular header is in yellow and black, with the word CAUTION in yellow over a black rectangular field.

NOTICE – this informs you that what is written on the plate should be read and understood since these are usually company rules and policies. These may also carry information regarding proper machinery or equipment operation, and is placed on such items to help people properly operate things, which can prevent possible misuse that may result in the damage of such items. This particular header is in blue and white, with the word NOTICE written in white over a blue rectangular background.

There is another header that is sometimes used on warning and instructional plates, and that is the SAFETY FIRST header, which is often used on plates that remind people to take heed of the safety procedures they need to follow in the workplace. Some plates may not carry such headers on them, however this does not diminish their importance in any way. These are placed on certain equipment, areas, and machinery for a specific reason, and that is for safety and proper operation, which should always be followed by people who read these plates.

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