Choosing the Right Adhesives for Your Sticker Labels

Sticker labels

One of the things you need to do when you choose your sticker labels is to select the kind of adhesive that is to be used with it. The kind of adhesive you choose will depend on what your sticker is to be used on, and as such, the importance of such a choice should not be downplayed. If you choose the wrong kind of adhesive for your labels, you will find that these will either fall off sooner than expected for its purpose or stay stuck even when you need to remove it.

To help you with your adhesive choices, here are some of the more commonly used label adhesives and what these are good for:

Permanent Adhesives – as the name suggests, these are adhesives that are ideal for sticker labels that are supposed to stick to the item for as long as its durability permits. Removal of labels that use this kind of an adhesive will result in the tearing of the label, the packaging of the item where the label is attached to or the need to use solvents in the removal of this label.

Removable Adhesives – adhesives like these are, as the name implies, easy to remove. Once removed however, these labels are no longer usable and should be discarded. The longer these stickers are attached to your items however may result in some residue being left behind upon removal of the label, which will then need the use of solvents for total removal. This kind of an adhesive can be used on labels that are to be attached to different kinds of surfaces.

Repositionable Adhesives – also called reusable adhesives, these are used on labels that need to be used and reused a few times. You can reposition your labels anytime and no residue of the adhesive is left behind. This kind of an adhesive can also be used on a number of different surfaces and is pressure sensitive.

Aggressive Adhesives – adhesives such as this are ideally used on textured or rough surfaces that are to see rough usage as well. This kind of an adhesive allows only for one use and when the label is applied, the adhesive will automatically adhere to the surface. When removed, some effort has to be exerted and this kind of an adhesive will leave behind some residue that has to be removed with the use of a solvent.