Can Domed Labels Help Improve a Product?

Domed LabelsOne of the labels you can choose to use for your products is the domed label. This is a kind of label that has a 3-dimensional effect due to the urethane top that is in a domed shape. This clear and smooth top is often added to any label that is made for branding purposes, provided that the label being used can withstand the heat of the liquid urethane being added to it.

When these labels are made, the first thing that needs to be done is to choose the tag that goes underneath the domed covering. These can be made using a wide variety of options that include metal tags, polyester tags, Lexan labels, and many more. You simply need to ensure that the tag you use won’t warp, prints won’t bleed, and materials won’t melt when the urethane is applied.

Of course, when you choose the tags or labels that you want to use for your products, you can simply go with the original tags that do not have the urethane dome on top. This is still a good choice, particularly if the manufacturer you choose to work with is known for creating high quality tags and labels. If you are looking to give your brand and your labels an extra dose of oomph however, then a domed top that makes the tag more eye-catching is a great direction to take.

How can a domed label help improve a product? It generally does not improve the product but rather, it helps give your brand and your tag the kind of visibility that you want. This kind of a tag is very eye-catching due to the 3-dimensional look it has when the clear domed top is set. It makes brands and labels that carry your brand pop, which is what you want when you are looking to capture people’s attention as well as have them remember your brand.

The use of a domed label improves not the product itself but how people perceive your brand, and by extension, the product that the brand tag is on. If you already have a good product, and want to boost brand recognition as well as impress people with how great your brand looks, a domed tag is a good choice. You get not only a great to look at tag on your quality products, but you also get a tag that is highly durable and can last a long time on the item it is on, which incidentally helps with brand familiarity.

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