Business Applications and Possible Uses of Military Style Dog Tags

Dog TagsDog tags are known for their use in military applications. These are used by those in the army, navy, and air force as identification tags. These tags became so popular that these found their way around the necks of regular individuals who tweaked their dog tags to look more ornamental than official.

Military style dog tags soon found more than just ornamental uses, and were then being used by people for other identification purposes. Some used these to help medical personnel know what kinds of medications they are on, what allergies they have, and what to do in case of emergencies. These very same tags were also tweaked to be used as identification tags for pets, ironically being used on dogs as tags with their names around their necks.

When it comes to being used for businesses, you will find that a little imagination goes a long way. A lot of companies have found some way to use these handy tags in their marketing and promotional needs. To help you find a way to use these tags for your own business, here are some ideas that may be useful:

Keychains dog tags – you can fashion keychains from dog tags and you can actually follow the patterns used by the military for creating informative tags that can be used for promotional needs. For example, instead of putting lines for name, blood type, and other pertinent information that is usually found on military dog tags, you can put your company’s name, address, and contact information on these tags instead. You can also add your company’s logo on the other side of these tags for added advertising value.

Dog tag style bag tags – you can create bag tags in the shape of dog tags, with spaces that can be engraved with the person’s name, address, and other information needed for luggage to be easily returned to the owner should these be lost in transit. These can be used as giveaways by your company, with your company logo and contact info on one side, and the bag tag spaces on the other. These can also be crafted as products that you can sell to people who want very durable bag tags for their luggage, and you can offer free stamping or engraving of their personal information on these tags before these are shipped to them.

What you use these tags for is dependent on your imagination and what you think will benefit your company. These can be used as giveaways, as corporate gifts, as marketing tools, and as prizes for specific promos that your business may have.

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