Barcode and UID Plates: How Bars and Dots Actually Help Your Business

Barcode and UID PlatesYou’ve seen this on numerous items, and are probably used to seeing these everywhere. You may also take these things for granted and not give them a second glance, much less a third one. You may also have brushed these off as insignificant and commonplace, and not worth much of anything.

What you may not realize is that barcode and UID plates, and the bars and dots that you find on these, actually serve a huge purpose. These are particularly useful to businesses, since these help expedite certain processes that would otherwise take longer without these coded tags. These rather unassuming pieces of metal, and sometimes aluminum foil, actually carry a lot of information on them in these bars and dots, and this is what makes them special and very helpful.

The bars and the dots that you see on these plates are codes that, when scanned by a barcode reader, will give you information on what it is attached to. For example, if this kind of a tag was attached to a laptop, when scanned, it will tell you that the item is a laptop, and it will give you the specifications of such a laptop as well as its brand and price. All of that information can be squeezed into, and out of, the bars and dots of the codes on these tags.

These are used a lot in retail outlets. The barcodes and UID plates or labels attached to the items that people buy are scanned into the POS machine, or point of sale machine, and the price is displayed as well as calculated by this same machine. It also brings up the inventory number, the SKU, and updates the database at the same time, when this happens.

Aside from point of sale use, these tags are also used in warehouses and in office stock rooms, where supplies, materials, and equipment need to be kept track of too. Barcoded asset tags are often used nowadays to make inventory and tracking easier. These are attached to a company’s assets, and are also used on theft preventive tags like destructible vinyl labels and tamper evident tags.

What consumers may not also realize is that, these barcodes also help make their lives easier. Without these barcodes on these tags, imagine how long it would take for you to finish doing your grocery, with the cashier ringing in each item manually. This was how things were done in the old days, and your grandma can probably tell you just how long it took them to have the cashier ring up their cart of items.

In the end, these tags are proving rather helpful, and all because of the use of these ingenious dots and bars. What other conveniences do you find barcode and UID plates giving you and those around you?

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