Barcode and UID Plates: How to Choose the Right Code

Barcode and UIDFinding the right barcode for your needs can be a complicated matter and may require the help of people in the know. This is because there are so many barcode and UID codes out there for you to choose from. In order for you to choose the right one for your needs, you need to find out first what kinds of codes your chosen manufacturer can add to your tags for you.

Barcodes are used in order for data to be presented regarding an item that has this code on it. If you look at the lines and the numbers on the tag, you won’t be able to discern off the bat what these are about. When scanned with an optical scanner however, you will find the information you need popping forth on the screen of the computer where the scanner is located.

The most commonly used barcodes that businesses use, particularly those in the retail industry, is the UPC and EAN, which are now incidentally called GS1 codes. You will also find that Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes are also widely in use, with the former often used on non-food items and the latter used for almost everything. Code 128 is often chosen more these days due to the fact that these eat up less space than Code 39.

As for 2D codes, you will notice that different types are also used for different purposes. For example, when it comes to creating identification cards that can be scanned, PDF417 is often the choice. For mobile devices and for tracking needs, QR codes are what people use. Data matrix is often the go-to 2D code of the Department of Defense, as well as the aviation industry.

So, how do you choose which code is best for your particular use? It usually depends on where these are to be utilized. As mentioned above, there are codes that are somewhat standard for specific uses. GS1 codes are considered the standard when it comes to the retail industry, and is often chosen by many for simple barcode needs.

For those who need to store a lot of information on their tags, a 2D code is your best bet. You can ask your manufacturer for the best kind of 2D code for your specific needs. To give you an overview, majority of those who use these codes often choose Data Matrix for their small items, like integrated circuits and the like; those who use these codes for shipping often choose Maxicode; PDF417 is usually the choice for paper tags like IDs.

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