Barcode and UID Plates: How Barcodes Make Life Easier

Barcode and UID PlatePeople these days take it for granted that barcodes and UID codes are helping make life easier. Before the turn of the century, these codes were not as rampantly used as it is these days. In the mid-1950s till the later part of the 1980s, when people had to buy something at the grocery store, every single item had to be encoded by hand into the cash register.

Although the barcode was first invented in the early 1970s, it’s use in the POS system became rampant only in the mid-1990s till the early part of the new millennium. These days, it is rare to see stores selling stuff without using these barcodes to tally things up. The barcode and the UID code has become the standard when it comes to buying things.

Being used for retail is not the only purpose these codes have however. These lines and dots are used for a few other things. This is why they make life easier, because of their versatility and many uses. Apart from being able to speed up your shopping, these codes are also used to help companies keep better track of everything they own.

Asset tags that come with barcodes make it easier for businesses to do their regular inventory and asset tracking. In order to find out when an item was first acquired, a quick scan of the barcode on the asset tag will suffice. You can also access a lot of information about the assets that your company has with this same action, that is, if detailed information was added to the database when the item was first scanned into the system.

Another use barcodes and UID codes have is for secure access. A lot of companies now make sure that the only people who come into their facilities are those that are authorized to be there. In order to do this without needing to check IDs and to prevent the entry of individuals who may actually falsify these Identification cards to get in, the use of UID codes and barcodes at the back of these cards has become the norm. Now people who have legitimate codes on their identification tags are the only ones who can enter sensitive areas of their facilities, all thanks to this innovative piece of technology.

Yes, barcodes and UID codes can indeed make life easier. From making your shopping go faster to keeping security tight without too much effort, these codes on these tags have become so commonplace that people do not really notice it that much.

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