Artistic Promotional Plates Ideas for Boosting Brand Recognition

Promotional Plates

When you have promotional plates crafted for your company, the main purpose of these special tags is to promote your brand. In order for these tags to be effective at what they are supposed to do, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. For starters, the designs of these tags need to be eye-catching and memorable to whoever sees them.

Of course, aside from designs that can capture the eye, you will also need to ensure that these are durable enough to last long. This will help with brand familiarity and recognition since people will be able to see the brand on the tag for a long period of time. While a lot of companies use these plates in the usual way and in the standard branding tag design, there are some who choose to use more artistic versions of these tags and their brands to increase the chances of brand recognition.

How do some companies stylize their promotional plates for more marketing and advertising oomph? Here are some ideas:

Create seasonal tags for products – some companies use their promotional tags for more than just to put their brand on the product. These are sometimes crafted in such a way that these are in line with various seasons and holidays. For example, products that are sold during the Christmas season can come with Christmas themed designs on them. Other special times of the year that often find promotional tags sporting special designs include Valentine’s, Halloween, and the Fourth of July.

Create collectible designs and motifs – another thing you can do is to create tags that can be placed on items which can be considered collectible. Glass jars, refrigerator magnets, metal coasters, and tin canisters are but a few ideas you might want to consider putting these unique tags on. You can choose from a lot of motifs that can be made into many different designs, like floral, ethnic, futuristic, and the like. These can then be given out as special items with proofs of purchase from your products and can be on a limited edition run only to increase demand as well as interest in them.

Make giveaways for special events with the use of promotional plates – how can you utilize promotional plates in such a way that these are used on a regular basis? You can create items that are commonly used by people and have your unique promotional tags with your brand on them attached to such items. These can then be handed out during special events like product launches, trade fairs, company sponsored events, and conventions. Ideas you can consider include metal pen holders, paperweights, keychains, tumblers, and ashtrays.

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