Are Sticker Labels Better than Hanging Tags?

Sticker Labels

When you find yourself mulling over whether you should use sticker labels or hanging tags, the best thing for you to do would be to check the pros and cons of each option. Aside from this, you should also think about your product and its features. Will this be exposed to certain elements that will damage either labeling option? Is the tag right for my product?

Let’s get started on what people find appealing with sticker labels and with hang tags. For sticker labels, people find that it helps with prolonged marketing efforts since these stay with the product even after it has been used or consumed. For hanging tags, people find this a classier and more sophisticated labeling method as compared to labels or stickers.

What people find unappealing about sticker labels is that these can sometimes look so commonplace, even when these are well designed. The problem with hang tags, on the other hand, is that these can be easily removed and discarded from the item it is attached to, making its advertorial usage a little short at times. So, which is best for your particular labeling needs?

The answer lies in what you will be using these tags for. If you are to use these labels on something that will be exposed to the elements, is to be used outdoors or will be subjected to heat, moisture and the like, then your best option would be to use a self-adhesive label that is both durable yet aesthetically pleasing. If you are to use this tag on items like clothing, knick-knacks and the like, then a hanging tag or a cloth tag is your best bet.

Choosing a label or a tag to use is not just about which is better in general, but rather which one serves your purpose best. While hanging tags may look very attractive and classy, are relatively easy to produce and pretty flexible, these may not be ideal for your product.

The same goes for sticker labels. These may be easy to attach to products, are pretty inexpensive (depending on the material used), can be made using a wide variety of materials and may be more durable, but if your products are not compatible with sticker labels, then you should not use these for your tagging or labeling needs.

In the end, it is all about compatibility and usage rather than simple characteristics of each. Find out what suits your needs best first and make your choices based on that.