Are Lexan Labels Right for Your Needs?

Lexan LabelsSo you’re thinking of using Lexan labels for your labeling needs. Choosing this particular label is indeed a good decision since these are very durable and can withstand numerous rough conditions without deteriorating. The question you need to ask though is, are Lexan labels ideal for the purpose you are thinking of using these for, or are you better off using another kind of label altogether?

Sure, numerous label manufacturing companies will tell you that they can customize your Lexan tags to fit any application you may have in mind, and they probably can, but you still need to ask yourself whether or not this material is the right one for such a purpose. There are many different kinds of materials that can be used to create labels with, and you might be better off using another type of material other than Lexan. While the Lexan material is indeed very durable and versatile, there are some label material types that may actually be better for what you need.

For example, if you are having inventory and asset tags made out of Lexan due to the fact that these are, as mentioned earlier, durable and versatile, you might be missing out on the more useful qualities other tag types have which make them ideal for this use. Other materials you can consider for your inventory and asset tag needs include destructible vinyl and aluminum foil labels. The former is a good fit for this particular purpose since it can help deter theft due to the fact that these fall apart when any attempt to remove them is made. The latter, on the other hand, is a cheaper and lighter alternative that is also durable and versatile.

Another example is when you are thinking of using these tags to mark items for branding purposes. There are also a number of labeling and tagging options that can be used to do this, and can do a better job as well. Some of the other options you can consider for this particular purpose include Domed labels, Polyester Labels, and Vinyl Labels. If you need your labels to withstand hot and cold temperatures, your alternative to Lexan is Polyester. If you need labels that can effectively endure changing weather since these will be outdoors, Domed labels are great for this (along with Lexan).

To determine whether or not you should choose to use Lexan for your labeling and branding needs, you should ask a professional about it. Simply ask a manufacturer for advice and options by telling them what you will be using these for, and they can easily give you the different kinds of materials that will best suit your needs. They will also tell you the pros and cons of each material type, as well as which ones are more cost effective, which ones are cheaper, and which ones will suit your needs perfectly.

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