Are Etched Plaques, Etched Nameplates and Etched Tags Ideal for Your Business?

BY Rowena Taylor

Etched Metal Plaques and Plates

Etching is a marking method that uses the unique reaction acid has on certain metals. This particular marking method is often used in the creation of really detailed pieces that have a 3-dimensional look, and are used to create etched plaques, etched signs and many more. These can also be enhanced with the use of paint, either in the recessed parts of the crafted item, or on the parts that were not eaten by the acid.

If you are thinking of using etching for your nameplates, plaques and signs, there are a few things you need to consider. First off, you need to know that the material you will be using with this particular marking method will be metal. Although there are some manufacturers that also offer glass as a material for etched plaques and the like, since the acid used for such an endeavor is more caustic than the ones currently being used on metal, metal is often the material of choice for etched items.

With metals being the material used for these etched plaques and signs, you then have a list of choices at your fingertips. Some of the options you have include brass (for when you want a golden tinge to your signs and nameplates), bronze (for a reddish gold look), aluminum (one of the most cost effective metals around), and stainless steel (considered one of the most durable metals to work with). What you choose often depends on a number of factors as well, and these include such factors as budget, what design your plaques and signs are to carry, where these are to be used, and what these will be exposed to.

Aside from these considerations, you will also need to consider whether or not these plaques and nameplates will be used with other materials. Some companies decide to have their metal nameplates enhanced by another material, to help give it a more elegant, sophisticated, and attractive look. While etched metal is essentially a great way to create sophisticated and elegant looking plaques and tags, adding another material to the final sign or plaque gives the metal nameplate an added oomph that makes it capture a person’s attention. Some of the secondary materials used with these metal plates include glass, wood, stone and plastic.

When you are thinking of using etching as your marking method for your nameplates, which basically means you will be using metal for this, you will also need to think about whether or not the resulting nameplate is ideal for your needs. Take into consideration the décor of the area where the plaque or sign is to go, and what other elements will be seen with this. These concerns will help you determine whether or not metal is indeed the best option for your nameplate and plaque needs.

Once you find that etched metal nameplates are indeed ideal for your needs, you will then need to contact a competent manufacturer who can create the kind of plate that you need. You will need to ask the company you decide to work with for the options that were just mentioned earlier since some of these businesses do not work with the kind of materials that you might want. Some also have more material options than others, so it might be a good idea to search around first before you do decide on the manufacturer you want to work on your etched plaques.   

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