Are Engraved Signs Better Than Etched Signs

Etched Metal

If you are having signs made and your options for marking these with include both etching and engraving, which one should you choose? Etching and engraving are both great marking methods since these create durable markings that are difficult to damage or deface. These are also capable of following intricate and detailed designs, making these a good marking choice for many things.

In creating signs, you will need to decide which marking method is best for what you need. There are a few factors that will affect your choice, and these factors include what these signs are to be used for as well as a few other important things that have to be considered. Here are some of the aspects you need to look into when deciding between etching and engraving:

Are these signs made for ADA compliance? – if these signs are to be used as ADA signs, then it might be a good idea for you to go with engraving rather than with etching. If these signs need to carry braille translations, then you should definitely go with engraving as your marking method.

Etching does create highly intricate and detailed designs, but it is rather difficult to create the requisite braille translations on your signs with this method. This is because there is a rule that says these need to be domed and of a specific size as well as height. Engraving allows for such requirements to be followed.

Are these signs for decorative uses? – if these signs double as decorative pieces, and do not need to have ADA compliant features, then you can choose to use etching as the marking method. This method allows for intricate details to be added to your signs, and can help make these as decorative as you want these to be. This also allows you to choose whatever font you want and whatever design you like for your signs.

What materials are you going to use? – if you are going to use wood or plastic for these signs, your go-to marking method should be engraving. This is because etching is not an effective marking method for these two materials. Etching is used only on metal and in some cases, on glass. If you are not using any of these two materials for your signs, then you should definitely choose engraving. If you do not want to use etching as your marking method though, you can choose to use engraving even if your materials are made out of glass or metal, since etching can be used on all kinds of sign materials.

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