Are Domed Labels Ideal for Your Business?

BY Rowena Taylor

Domed Label vs Flat Label

One of the kinds of labels that companies consider for their branding and marketing needs is the domed label. This particular label brings with it a 3-dimensional appeal, which is brought about by the use of a clear resin that covers the entire label. This particular resin, when applied and when it hardens, results in a clear dome that helps make whatever is on the label underneath “pop”, hence the reason why businesses choose to use it.

Determining as to whether or not this particular label is ideal for your own business is dependent on a number of factors, one of which is your budget. You should be aware that this particular label can actually be made using many different types of material, which means that you can have this particular label type for your company at any budget. All you need to do is choose a lower costing material for your base label and have this “domed” to get the label that you desire.

Before you do go and choose paper or cardboard for your base material, you should know that while you can choose what material to use under the plastic dome of this particular label type, there are some things that cannot be made into domed labels. To know what your options are in terms of lowering your cost for such labels, you should ask your chosen manufacturer about this. Knowing what you can and cannot use for this particular label choice will help you save time, money and effort in the making of such tags.

The more commonly used base materials utilized for this particular kind of label include aluminum foil, vinyl and plastic, however other substrates can be used for this purpose. One other material that can be effectively used for domed labels is metal, and the choices include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, to name but a few. What you choose again depends on your budget, where the label is to be used, and other similar factors.

The best thing for you to do when you decide to use domed labels for your branding and marketing needs is to determine first what your labels will be exposed to. While the domed part of these tags is durable enough to withstand numerous rough conditions, the underside may be vulnerable to the kind of conditions that may cause the substrate to deteriorate. For example, if your tags are to be exposed to the heat of the sun constantly, plastic may not be a good substrate to use for your domed labels.

Also worth noting is that these domed tags are utilized by many due to the ability of the clear top resin to make colors and designs on these tags “pop”. If you have a very colorful logo or company name, these tags are well worth considering for your branding and tagging needs. These are also very eye catching because of the three dimensional appearance of what is underneath the domed resin, which makes it a great choice for your marketing and advertising needs.

Another thing you will have to consider when you are thinking of using domed labels is the surface it will be adhering to. These have to be attached to smooth, clean surfaces in order for these to last in terms of adhesion to your products or items. You can choose from many adhesive variants for the kind of adhesion you want, with some offering more heavy duty stickiness than others, which make these ideal for use with labels that are to be exposed to rather harsh environs.

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