Advantages of Choosing Metalphoto Marked Metal Nameplates

Photosensitive Plates - Metalphoto

There are many marking methods used on metal nameplates and each has its own advantages. Examples of marking methods available are metal etching, screen printing, digital printing and embossing. Metalphoto is another metal marking method that has attracted many manufacturers not only because of its tested durability but also because of how it enhances the aesthetic value of metal nameplates.

Metalphoto is a durable photosensitive, anodized aluminium that will perform at par or better with other metals. The images are imprinted on the metal like developing photos using a negative. It can be customized based on your need and specifications. After imprinting the images, the aluminium is treated and sealed. The embedded images on the metal nameplates are metallic silver particles. The seal that covers it is a durable anodic layer that is available in various thicknesses and finishes.

Overtime, metal nameplates will be exposed to extreme conditions. If you chose metalphoto as marking method, you made the right decision. Its anodized-hard surface makes it impervious to chemicals and extreme weather conditions.

Permanence- Metalphoto marked metal nameplates will not peel or delaminate because of its sealed anodized layer. You can expect that it will look as new for a lifetime because the image is sealed inside and is protected by a durable layer.

Picture Quality – Its high-resolution photographic technology provides an excellent image quality. Unlike etching that removes parts of the substrate, Metalphoto imprints the metal with the image. Unlike screen printing that uses ink, Metalphoto’s imbedded images are made of aluminum salts and are developed into the metal.

Flexibility – Metalphoto has a wide range of customization methods that will efficiently meet your requirements and demands of its intended use. It is available in thickness ranging from 003” to 0.125”. You can also request it in matte, satin silver, brushed and mirror-like gloss metal finish.  Metalphoto is also conveniently compatible with a wide selection of adhesive types and methods. 

Cost Efficient – Metalphoto’s durable and protected quality images on metal nameplates lessen the need to replace them often. Unlike other marking methods with longer labor hours due to meticulous steps, Metalphoto only needs minimal set-up and is less labor intensive. It has fewer steps than etching and embossing that results to faster turn-around and fewer labor hours or part. Not only it is cost efficient, it is also perfect if you need a unique and durable metal label on short production run.

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