6 Reason Why Inventory and Asset Tags are a Must for All Businesses

inventory and asset tagsWhile most companies now keep track of their assets and inventory with the use of labels and tags, not all businesses use inventory and asset tags. Some use antiquated tracking systems that utilize paper tags that can be easily removed or written over, and others don’t use anything at all. If you are not yet using these tags to help you with your asset management needs, here are a few reasons that may help sway you.

  1. Saves your company money – probably one of the main reasons why you see some deficits in your budget is due to the fact that you are not keeping track of everything you own. Losing equipment and even supplies from your office can add up to a tidy sum after some time. Keeping a close eye on these with the help of an inventory and asset tracking system that uses tags that are difficult to remove or deface will help you better manage these items, thereby reducing possible losses.
  2. Makes it easy to maintain equipment – asset and inventory tracking tags are not just for making sure that nothing disappears from your business. These can also be used to schedule preventive maintenance and to check for equipment that may need repairs. This also helps a company save money, not to mention keep production at a high level since all your equipment will be in tip-top shape for your needs.
  3. Helps make employees more responsible – when you have an asset and inventory tracking system that makes people accountable for the equipment that are assigned to them, you basically empower them to take charge of what they are given. This makes them more careful with company equipment and assets since they will be taken to task when these disappear or are damaged.
  4. Gives you more control – having an inventory and asset tag system in your workplace gives you total control over the things your company owns. This means you can decide who to give special equipment to, how many of a specific item you can let your employees use, and when to replace items that may seem obsolete but are actually still very useful.
  5. Discourages theft within your ranks – another thing that these tags do is to discourage people from taking out company items and bringing these with them. This is especially true when you use tags that are either magnetic (which sounds an alarm when taken out of the premises) or tamper-evident.
  6. Makes offices more effective – having a system that makes it easy for employees to request for equipment and items they need, without the company worrying that these will be used for personal reasons, will help with work effectivity. This will help companies trust their employees with the items they are assigned with, and will help them do what they need to do without fear of not getting the equipment they need.

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