5 Reasons Why Metal Dog Tags as Giveaways is a Cool Idea

Metal Dog Tags

If you are thinking of giving out customized metal dog tags as giveaways during your event, you are making a great choice. Dog tags are, after all, very versatile tags that can be customized many different ways and are always a favorite of many people who use them. While these tags are often used around a person’s neck, you can actually make these into other things.

For your giveaway needs, you can actually steer clear of the usual chain-around-the-neck type of dog tag. You can actually opt for more unique uses of this metal tag, and these include such ideas as dog tags made into keychains, dog tag bag tags, and so on. Why should you opt for this tag as your giveaway for whatever event you may have? Well, here are 5 good reasons.

Dog tags are easy to customize – dog tags are actually rather easy to customize since these have a rather small area for it. This means that you won’t have to worry about what to put in the space that is on the tag since it is rather limited. This does not mean that your options for customization are minuscule. It just means that you won’t have to stress over needing to put a lot on your tags.

Dog tags can be marked many different ways – if you want a 3-dimensional look for your tags, you can have these embossed or stamped. If you want a multi-colored tag, you can have the design on this digitally printed or you can opt for the four color process. Want to put pictures on your dog tags? Why not choose metalphoto or photosensitizing instead? There are many marking options available for these tags.

Dog tags can be made using your choice of metal – the options you have include bronze, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. If you have other metals in mind, ask your manufacturer if they can give in to your request.

Dog tags can be used for a lot of things – these tags are known for being used around one’s neck, but is not actually limited to just that. Since these tags are small enough, these can be used as tags for bags, as keychains, tags for wallets and many more.

Dog tags can be given away for any occasion and event – these tags are versatile enough to be given away at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company events, trade shows, and the like. These are also small enough to be easily stuck into someone’s pocket, so these cannot be deemed bothersome when these are handed out.

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