5 Reasons Why Aluminum Foil Labels are the Best

Aluminum Foil Labels

One of the most popular labels around is the aluminum foil label. These are those labels that have a metallic and shiny exterior, are used for many different purposes, and can be found on a wide variety of items and products. There are many reasons why companies choose to use this kind of a label on their products and other tagging needs, and here are 5 of those reasons:

Aluminum foil labels are cost effective – when you say cost effective, it does not necessarily mean that it is cheap. It basically means that something is worth what you are paying for, or worth even more due to what it does for you and your business. In this case, aluminum foil labels are generally more expensive than cardboard or paper labels, but these last longer and are difficult to tamper with. This is why, in the long run, these end up costing a company less since they won’t deteriorate fast and will last longer than paper or cardboard labels.

Aluminum foil labels are good to look at – let’s face it. People get attracted by shiny things. Diamonds, brand new cars, gold jewelry, and aluminum foil labels. Something about the shine and sheen of these labels (and other shiny stuff) captures the eye, and usually keeps a person’s attention. This is what you want for your products, to capture the eye and curiosity of possible buyers. Using a label to help you do this is a smart move.

Aluminum foil labels are durable – yes, since these are made out of metal, and are made more durable with the manufacturing process that is used to create it, plus the addition of a protective coating, these are very durable. These cannot be torn as easily as paper labels or even cardboard labels since these usually have a top coating the not only protects the foil underneath from scratches, but also prevents it from easily tearing.

Aluminum foil labels are heat and cold resistant – when these labels are to be used with items that are to be exposed to hot and cold temperatures, these usually go without the plastic substrate. These are often used in its regular foil form, and this is to ensure that when these experience hot or cold temperatures, these do not get damaged in any way. These are often used on beverage bottles, food containers, and other similar products that may find themselves in either a hot or cold environment.

Aluminum foil labels are versatile – while some people may not think that aluminum foil is not as versatile as paper or cardboard, they don’t realize that you can actually do a lot with these kinds of metallic labels. These can be embossed, stamped, written on, printed on, and many more. These can be shaped in any form that you want, can be printed with a variety of colors, and can even carry a holographic stamp to help prevent fake products from masquerading as your products.

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