5 Effective Designs for Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial Plate

When you create model and serial plates for your products, you first need to think up of the designs for these. Some companies choose to use one design for all products, with the changes appearing only with the alphanumeric codes and specifications that come with each product. There are some that have the same plate design and format, but different colors for each product.

Some companies, on the other hand, choose to use different designs for different products. The reasons for this may vary, with some choosing to do so in order to give products their own identity up to their tags, and others doing so because the tags are shaped and sized to fit that specific product.

Whatever design is chosen however, the first thing that needs to be decided upon before these tags can be made is what information it will carry. Here are some designs that companies often gravitate towards and what they can do for these businesses:

Model and Serial tagModel and serial number only - If you want a simple model and serial tag, you might design one that does just that – carry the model and serial number of the item – nothing more, nothing less. These are often used for smaller items and do not even carry the product’s brand and manufacturer information. These are great for when there is limited space on the product, and company information can be placed on another tag or the packaging of the item.Model and Serial Label

 Model number, serial number, and brand – This is another simple design that tells people who made the item and what the serial as well as model number is. Contact information for the company can often be found on packaging or with a search online. These are also used on smaller items or products that are pretty simple and straightforward to use. 

Model and Serial Number Plate

 Model number, serial number, brand, and manufacturer’s contact information – These tags are often found on products that are mechanical in nature and may need immediate servicing, hence the contact information on the item itself. Products that carry such tags are also usually pretty big and are highly visible.

 Serial Number PlateModel number, serial number, brand, contact information, and certifications – These are often found on electrical equipment and carry certifications to indicate that these are made with strict quality standards being followed. These also tell buyers that these have passed certain mandatory checks and are safe to use.

 Model and Serial Number Tag

Model number, serial number, brand, contact information, certifications, and additional product information - These are often used on products that may pose some danger if used incorrectly, which is why information such as voltage, output, input, and other pertinent details are added to the tag. Most large electrical equipment and machinery that may be dangerous if misused have these kinds of model and serial plates on them.


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