5 Different Types of Nameplates Your Business May Need

Different Types of Nameplates

If you are running a business and you have inventory as well as equipment that you consider assets, then you will probably need a number of nameplates that can help you easily keep track of these. These plates are called inventory and asset tags, although you can always opt for barcodes and UID plates for these to help you keep track of these faster and easier with the use of a portable optical scanner. As the case may be, these are just a couple of the different types of nameplates that your business may actually need.

There are quite a lot of metal nameplates that you can use for your business, and each one has a distinct quality that makes it ideal for its inherent use. To help you see and figure out which plates you should order for your business, here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • Model and Serial Plates – these are plates that you commonly see on equipment and appliances. These plates carry all-important information about the item, like its model number (which distinguishes it from other products of the same kind built by the same manufacturer), serial number (which is an individual tracking code that helps the manufacturer keep track of troubleshooting, warranty, and sales of individual stocks), and company information (which is used by you the buyer to get in touch with the manufacturer when you need information on trouble shooting or for warranty purposes).
  • Warning and Instructional Plates – as the name implies, these metal nameplates actually help your business keep people who work for you (and yourself) safe from harm with the use of reminders, warnings, and operational steps. These are oftentimes used on equipment that carry certain hazards, like electric shock or pinch points, and are sometimes used to carry detailed steps for operation. These plates can also be used to carry safety gear reminders.
  • Schematics – you may have seen these attached to complex machinery and equipment, and they are there for a very good reason – these are used to remind the people who operate these complex machinery of the proper operating procedures and connections needed for such procedures to occur with the use of a diagram.
  • Inventory and Asset Tags – we mentioned these tags earlier, and to expound on what we first said about these, such tags are used to help make tracking and inventory easier and more accurate. You can choose to use metal plates for these tags, depending on what equipment these are to go on, or you can choose to use label-type materials like vinyl, aluminum foil, or destructible vinyl. The latter is ideal for those things that may be easy to pilfer and may require added protection from thievery in the form of a tag that leaves behind telltale signs of someone trying to remove such a visible tag.
  • Promotional Plates – these are plates that are great for when you need to create “custom” items for giveaways and souvenirs for your company. Need corporate gifts that have your company logo or name on them? These plates can be attached to ordinary, generic items like tumblers, key-chains, trays, and even cigarette holders, and voila! You now have custom giveaways and items for corporate gift giving courtesy of a well-placed promotional plate.

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