5 Common Uses for Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim PlatesDecorative trim plates are great for many things, and this is due to the fact that they are totally customizable. These metal nameplates can be made in a wide variety of sizes, can be made in many different shapes, and can be marked using many different marking mediums. These can also be embossed or engraved, and the raised and recessed parts painted or inked in.

This versatility makes it useful and ideal for many applications, and these include these 5 common uses people have found for it:

Brand tags – when you want to create a durable and eye-catching tag for your products, decorative trim plates should be greatly considered. This kind of a tag gives you the kind of freedom to design and create your brand plates and tags you want and need. This kind of a tag can also be made using many different kinds of metal materials, such as aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel. These can also be marked using bright colors to make it pop and capture the attention of buyers, which is what a brand tag is supposed to do.

Commemorative tags – for those who need to create tags and plates that carry important dates and events on them, this particular nameplate is your best bet. This is because these tags can be made to carry just about anything and can be marked with a long list of marking methods. These include methods such as embossing, engraving, etching, and stamping, which are the usual marking methods chosen for commemorative tags and plates.

Souvenir tags – for those who have a hotel, resort, or any other venue that wants to sell souvenirs like refrigerator magnets, bookmarkers, and the like made out of metal to their customers, the decorative trim plate is a good choice. You can have these made in many different designs for people to choose from and you can use these tags in many different ways, as mentioned above. Magnets, coasters, paperweights, and many more can be made with the use of these decorative tags that carry your brand or the name of your establishment.

Decorative embellishments – these plates can actually carry decorative elements on their face, like floral designs, paisley, abstract designs, geometric shapes, and even painted on designs for decorative purposes. These can then be used to customize products or to decorate certain items that you want to improve or make prettier.

Company information plate – sometimes, these tags go beyond just looking good or carrying a brand name. These can also be made to carry contact information for your business, and can be used as a business card, as a simple informational plate, and the like.

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