4 Ways Destructible Vinyl Labels Protect Your Assets and Inventory

destructible vinyl labels

We have all come in to contact with destructible vinyl labels one way or another. These are the labels that are attached to many items such as computer parts, electronics, medicine boxes and food containers. These tags help ensure that the quality of the product has not been tampered with and assure the consumer of its safety.

There are many ways that destructible vinyl labels achieve the goal of protecting your assets and inventory such as:

  1. These labels are hard or nearly impossible to remove without damaging it which can make sure that the contents of the container or the product itself has not been tampered.
  2. Destructible vinyl labels are also used to make sure that the label itself cannot be transferred from one product to another to help avoid unwanted label switching and possible scams.
  3. These tags are used as warranty labels that become void when damaged to make sure that people do not just remove the label and attach it to a similar broken part or machine.
  4. This type of label guarantees that the product is not tampered with during shipping or during transport as the label can be placed on to the opening of the box or container which damages the label when opened.

These are four of the main ways on how vinyl labels protect you and your assets. Vinyl labels are widely used by companies across the world due to its destructibility and ability to stick to a surface very well. These traits are the main reasons why this label is effective in what it is used for. The would-be-meddler would be thwarted by the tag as it cannot be removed without it sustaining damaging.

These labels are an asset to manufacturer’s and establishment owner as they can help stop any attempts to discredit the quality of the product. Your inventory and assets are protected through the destructibility of the label, like when a person would like to take some contents from a container without anyone noticing and cannot open the box without destroying the label.

This label is especially important to people who want to keep the quality of the products especially when shipping them long distances without threat of anyone meddling with the product and damaging its quality. This small label can create a large impact on the security of a product and assets that one may have. A label can tell a consumer that the product has been tampered with or a manufacturer that there was an attempt to remove the label. These are the ways that destructible vinyl labels help protect your assets and inventory.

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