4 Conveniences That Barcodes and UID Plates Bring

Barcodes and UID PlatesWhen you look at it, you’d think that the only convenience that barcodes and UID plates give is to make it easier for a person to pay for a purchase. While this is indeed one convenience, what you should know is that these actually do more than just help a cashier ring up what you are buying. To help you understand better, here are some of the other conveniences that these codes bring about:

  • These reduce the chances of human error – if you try to take an inventory of the assets of your company, doing so by hand and manually can bring about a higher chance of errors. If you use barcodes and a portable scanner, you can do the job quickly and reduce the chances of data entry errors, as well as missing on taking account of an item or two.
  • This improves your inventory and tracking of items – as mentioned earlier, taking inventory and doing asset tracking tasks by hand opens you up to numerous errors. When you use barcodes and UID plates to help keep track of all your company’s assets, you improve your inventory and asset management system immensely. You will find that it is easier to check for lost items, keep track of maintenance schedules, check for inventory that needs replenishing, and many more.
  • You reduce employee orientation and training periods – when you use an effective system for inventory and asset management, training people to do this is easier and quicker. You simply need to orient them with your current asset and inventory system, show them how to use your barcodes and your barcode scanner when taking inventory, and voila! You now have an employee that can do inventory and tracking quickly, easily, and effectively.
  • You get information about items faster – using barcodes is also a great way to find out more about an item. For instance, if a buyer wants to know more about an item that you have, like shelf life, stocks available, colors available, sizes available, etc., scanning the barcode can bring the information that they need in a flash. You won’t need to ask someone to run to the stock room and to check every single item like it to see if you have a lot of these and to check for the colors, sizes, and other information about the item. The latter will take forever, while the former will probably take less than a minute.

These are just a few of the conveniences of barcodes and UID plates. Other conveniences and benefits that you get from using these include being able to add detailed information into your database regarding an item, help you see when you need to purchase more of an item or to have something serviced, and many more.

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