3 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Barcodes and UID Plates for Your Asset Tagging Needs

Barcodes and UID Plates

You have to admit, having asset tags made simply out of a label with a blank space on it and with your company name up top is pretty inexpensive. You simply need to fill in the blank space (or spaces, for that matter) with the information that you think is ideal for the asset that needs to be tracked. As easy as this may seem at the beginning, it is the inventory and tracking part that may become a challenge down the road.

The use of barcodes on asset tags is seen as a boon and not as a bane, and if you really think about it, the cost of having barcodes added to your tags won’t bump up the price that much. What you will need to probably spend on at the beginning of your new inventory and asset tracking system is the system used for the data that you add and get from such codes. To help you see why we think barcodes and UID plates and tags are a great idea for businesses, here are 3 reasons.

Easy to Use and Learn How to Use - This is why many companies choose to add barcodes and UID codes to their asset tags. You won’t need special training to get people to learn how to use these codes when asset management is needed. All they need to learn how to attach these to the assets that company acquires, how to point the scanner in the right direction, how to use the new system for adding the data needed for each item, and how to do inventory tracking tasks that will occur a few months down the line.

Quicker and More Efficient Inventory and Asset Tracking - These codes are machine readable, therefore when inventory and tracking season rolls in, those who are tasked with checking the company’s assets will simply need a portable scanner to check every single thing on their list. They can easily mark which assets have been decommissioned and need replacing, which ones are in deplorable condition and need repairs, and which ones are missing.

Reduces Chances of Theft and Losses – Barcodes do more than just help you do your inventory and asset tracking quickly and effectively. With the use of the right materials, these can also help deter theft. Metal nameplates that carry these coded data on the can either be riveted or screwed onto equipment. Tamper evident labels can also be used in the creation of barcoded tags for asset management. With the barcodes on these tags, you can whoever is going to use the equipment for the day, week, or month sign off on it by having them scan the item and encode that they are the ones assigned to it for that period of time. This gives them “ownership”, so they will need to take care of the item because if these disappear or get damaged, they have to cover the cost of the loss or repair.

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