3 Different Reasons Why You Should Use Warning and Instructional Plates

Warning and Instructional PlatesImagine this scenario. You have a new employee who is operating one of your heavy equipment, and while they have the credentials and training to operate such a machine, you are having apprehensions of having him get on it. Your fears are justified since a few minutes later, he figures in an accident. The reason for the accident? He forgot to systematically check the equipment before operating it.

Some people may not realize it but the use of warning and instructional plates is crucial not only to the proper operation of equipment, but also for safety purposes. In the aforementioned scenario, while the person is indeed capable and certified to operate the machinery, one misstep led to his getting into an accident. If there were a plate attached to the machine that reminded him to check for possible damage on the equipment before operating it, the accident could have been avoided.

To stress the importance of these metal nameplates, here are five valid points for employing such safety tags and signs:

  • To remind people to wear safety gear – sometimes, people take it for granted that the equipment they are operating can be dangerous, even if they are careful while operating it. The use of safety gear is essentially to ensure your safety should something unexpected happen. For instance, some equipment require the use of helmets because the areas that you are going to be working in may present itself with falling items that can hurt your head. The equipment you use per se may not be the one presenting the danger, but the area where you will be using it in may have such a danger.
  • To remind people of proper protocols – operating certain equipment or even executing certain tasks can bring about certain dangers that may hurt a person, if the right operating procedures are not followed. These plates can carry detailed instructions that remind workers of what needs to be done first before the next step is executed in order to prevent injuries from happening due to incorrect operating processes. Aside from keeping people safe, these step by step guides can also prevent the damage of equipment and machinery, which can cost a lot to repair and replace.
  • To remind people of the hazards present – a lot of equipment and even work areas come with certain hazards. Heck, even mopped floors can be dangerous if the person does not walk carefully on it. This is why these safety reminders exist. The hazards that are present in these places can be avoided, or the person can take extra care to steer clear of such hazards, if they are aware of it or are reminded to keep away from it. Some of the hazards that may be present in certain areas and with certain equipment include electrical hazards, pinch hazards, explosion dangers, and fire.

These are just some of the things that you will find warning and instructional plates are being used for, and why you should greatly consider using them. Aside from these, you will also find such plates being used to tell people what hardware needs to be used for certain equipment, what things they should sign off on for the use of some machinery, and even who is authorized to use these. To find out more about these safety metal nameplates, check out these basics for these metal plates.

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